Cake O’Clock = First Asian Take-Out

On the recommendation of my globetrotting aunt, I picked up the book Culture Shock: Germany. I read the majority of it leaning against a tree in Central Park two weeks ago, enjoying my last foreseeable Manhattan day trip. In the food chapter, I learned about Der Kaffee, a meal between lunch and dinner during which cake and coffee is served. Amusingly, the book details that it is considered bad form to invite guests over and limit them to only one choice of cake. What it did not detail is that if you find yourself hungry during Der Kaffee hour on a Sunday, you may be out of luck for finding alternative consumables.

While V and I have been awake during “normal” hours since our arrival, we have both felt rather exhausted. So, we allowed ourselves to sleep in very late today. By the time we were both ready to eat, it was already 2 pm. I have been cooking, but we are running low on groceries and we wanted to save our leftovers for tonight’s dinner. We headed out into what will be the first of many rainy days here in Germany. Most of the shops were closed, except the restaurants, all of which were serving extremely large, rich pieces of cake for Der Kaffee. If we consumed these, we knew we would be back to sleep in no time.

We continued our search for food until we found Asia World, an establishment specializing in Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese food. We ordered two vegetarian dishes and watched the owners prepare it. They even asked if we wanted the food to go, which was appreciated since at the majority of restaurants it is very unusual to carry out. We also indulged ourselves by buying one of the oversized juice boxes that we have been seeing frequently.

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The food was quite good! While it was not nearly as spicy as either of us like, it was certainly more seasoned than most of the other prepared food we have purchased. Fortunately, we stumbled upon an Indian Market on our first day and already purchased a bottle of Sriracha, so that complimented the dishes nicely. Plus, it was great to eat a meal that was almost wholly vegetables. The juice was very much like apple juice, except peach flavored.

Maybe we’ll partake in Der Kaffee next week. We have plenty of time, after all.

One thought on “Cake O’Clock = First Asian Take-Out

  1. Dear Elizabeth, So glad you both arrived safely. Loved reading your letters. Such a story writer, 🙂 even the part about your moms toe! I will have to share this page with grandma so she also can keep up on your adventurers. God bless. Love Auntie M xoxoxoxo…..

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